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  • Weekly Scheduled Maintainance (10th August 2016)[08/08]

    Game service has resumed since since 1530Hrs (GMT+8)
    Please be informed that there will be a Weekly Scheduled Maintainance on 10 August 2016, Wednesday from 0930 - 1530 Hrs (GMT+8)

  • Game Client Patch 02/08[02/08]

    Game Service has resumed since 1740Hrs (GMT+8)
    Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch on 02 August 2016, Tuesday from 1000 ~1730 Hrs (GMT+8)

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  • Ultimate Champion Result[22/08]

    Hands down, there are fearless and superb. Because they could sustain as perfect champion throughout the 3 rounds and be the winners for the event! Congratulations to HYORI, ceu, Ledion, mimiLoP482, KLAUS and Elvera!

  • Beat Rush Crazy Results[22/08]

    When we told our players to let go their trapped crazy soul, they went berserk on the dancefloor and clinched the victory spot in return! Congratulations to all winners in this event!!

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  • Sync 4 Me[25/08]


    Have you got the skill to pit against other team? Are you going to carry your team or are you going to drag your team down? Show us your skills~!

  • Couple Garden[20/08]


    Are you an avid Couple Gardener? Always ensuring that your garden will be watered, harvested and planted on time? Then, join us for this couple garden competition! Decorate your gardens and send us via facebook post ( on Couple Garden event, the screenshot of your gardens with both your couple and your IGN!

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  • Free @Cash
Ranking FAM Name FAM Points
1 Legends 5125534
2 Grudge 3459926
3 FlameOut 2969211
4 _AngKongKia_ 1756154
5 Regal 1626128
6 ~HSH~ 1448791
7 I~Casino~I 1406147
8 _WeR~NoRULE_ 1374471
9 ~FULL~HOUSE~ 1372172
10 Fortitude 1315387
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Ranking NickName Level Grade
1 BabyXue 99 Maestro (Gold)
2 Herlolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
3 veile 99 Maestro (Gold)
4 Elori 99 Maestro (Gold)
5 Remy 99 Maestro (Gold)
6 Brandt 99 Maestro (Gold)
7 KEL 99 Maestro (Gold)
8 BabyYang 99 Maestro (Gold)
9 Hislolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
10 ~HEART 99 Maestro (Gold)
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